Fig Kids: Organic Clothing With Style

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Fig Kids Organic Baby Clothes

When shopping for new clothes for your children,we think¬†organic is the way to go. When¬†shopping for clothes that are made of organic cotton, you want something stylish and original. We were thrilled to hear about FIG KIDS, a brilliant Canadian company that makes clothes free of all those nasty pesticides and chemicals that really are completely unnecessary. Why expose your newborn’s skin to things that are harmful, when you can get safe and fashionable clothes so easily? We know Hollywood has taken notice of this fab company as JULIA ROBERTS little Hazel has been photographed sporting their creations. We have one of their snazzy footed sleepers and toddler underwear sets. Such a fresh take on two wardrobe staples for your kids. Nothing boring about these organics. Love the classic cuts and choice of colors…very Euro and modern. We think FIG KIDS creates what mommies want: super hip, earth friendly clothes. Copy Julia’s smart choice and choose FIG KIDS at