Wipe Without Worry

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When something catches GWENYTH PALTROW’S eye it catches our eye too at Celebrity Baby. What does GWYNNIE have in common with us? Our mutual love for ELSIE’S ORIGINAL GERM FIGHTER WIPES. These all natural wipes are perfect for cleaning toys and pacifiers when they fall out of little one’s mouths, as they do not contain alcohol or chlorine. Who has soap and water ready to go 24/7? These wipes in their handy little case will become an addiction. They’re even gentle enough to wipe away that dribble of organic carrots running down you wee one’s chin. We love the scent (organic lavender and chamomile) and how soft they are on our babe’s face. Elsie also makes bum wipes (they have a smidgen of tee tree oil), a germ fighting spray and all natural cleansing wipes…your whole body is covered! We even use them to wipe away makeup after a long mommy day. Try them out and see why Gwynnie always picks a winner. Did we mention that KATIE HOLMES and HEIDI KLUM also know how fabulous ELSIE’S WIPES are? Get cleaned up at www.elsiesoriginal.com