Comfy & Modern Baby Carrier

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Baby carriers have come a long way mommas. We no longer have to suffer sore backs and straps that dig into our shoulders. Hip carriers are all the rage now, and for good reason. We especially love our SCOOTABABY CARRIER, a brilliant creation that has made our trips to the weekend market more comfortable and enjoyable. Made with premium dark denim (yes, it matches all your outfits mommy…and yes that does matter) this carrier is stylish and so original compared to others on the market. What sets it apart is the fleece shoulder strap that is really comfy and the deep seat for baby’s bottom. As any mommy will tell you, there is nothing worse than getting your little one all set up in your carrier, only to take them out five minutes later because the strap is causing pain….we’ve all been there. We must say that the SCOOTABABY has performed really well. We think we’ve found our true match and both mommy and toddler are happy. Hip carriers are perfect for days you have lots of errands to run, or shopping to do as they really let you remain hands free, while staying close to baby. Have a look at these functional carriers at and let us know what you think.