Agoo Has You Covered For Fun & Play

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Now that the summer sun and heat have arrived, we’ve been searching for versatile clothes that will keep our tot comfy and current. We heard about this fab Canadian company called AGOO and thought we’d road test their athletic line. Agoo’s motto is “Stay Out and Play” and their clothes let your kids do just that. We needed something that our wee one could wear to the park, beach and toss on with a funky pair of jeans to have lunch out with Mommy and Daddy, and their Raglan Long Sleeved shirt fit the bill perfectly. It’s made of fabric that’s stain resistant (go ahead…spill that pasta, dribble some OJ), and stretchy and it also wicks away moisture and offers UV protection. We must admit though that the colors, cuts and styles of this urban line is what has us really tickled. Sporty with some edge, about time someone thought of it. We love the look of their baby line too…black onesies are a mommies best friend! Get outside and stay there with Agoo’s help at

2 thoughts on “Agoo Has You Covered For Fun & Play

  1. I checked out the site and it looks like a fun line, great website. However, while I agree its a great concept, they aren’t the first to come up with it.

    My son has been wearing quick-dry clothing from another Canadian company, called Milk Factory since he was a baby (he is now four). Can’t go wrong with athletic clothing for kids, my son sleeps, eats and plays hard in Milk Factory clothing! (

  2. Puppylove, you’ve got a point there! You really can’t go wrong with athletic clothing for kids. As for the differences in Agoo Apparel and Milk Factory, I don’t know who came up with what first, but I’d recommend to everybody to visit each site and see for yourself which suits your kids best.