Celeb Favorite Pippalily Does it Again

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We all know that Pippalily makes fabulous baby slings. They are a must for any mommy who wants to carry their baby comfortably in style. Did you know that Pippalily now makes super soft minky blankets and chic little diaper clutches? When we heard about their new baby gear we had to try it out for ourselves…difficult job but someone has to do it. The blanket is unbelievably soft on one side and comes in fresh and funky designs on the other. We chose the Blue Gothic Rose pattern as it was perfect for a boy or a girl Which blanket did Gwen Stefani receive? The Sky Temple blanket and the matching diaper clutch. How much “stuff” can you pack into that brilliant little clutch? Well 4 diapers and a travel wipe container as it says on the Pippalily web site…but we also crammed a lipbalm, a cellphone, two credit cards and our ipod…not bad, and we felt extra swanky when we pulled it our to change our baby’s bottom. Oh, the glamor! Check out their site and see what’s new at this drooliciouse Canadian company: www.pippalily.com