Hip Diaper Bag For Mommy & Daddy

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We are always on the hunt for the very best and most stylish diaper bag. We get really excited when the style and design appeals to both mommy and daddy. How many times does your husband wrinkle his nose or roll his eyes when you ask him to carry your pink and flowery baby bag? He’d rather risk being caught without a clean diaper then be scene with a frilly bag. We can’t change our men but we can certainly switch up our diaper bags. We love the classy and timeless look of JIMEALE’S diaper bag collection. Clean lines, gorgeous rich color (chocolate brown…love it!) and oodles of space for all your baby and mommy and daddy things. It’s got two side pocket’s for babe’s bottles, a comfy padded strap ( very important for long days of strolling and shopping) and it comes with a matching change pad. We tried out the Luca bag that’s lined with an eye catching lime green pattern and we’ve been stopped everyday in the park by parents wanting to know where we got this brilliant and functional bag. Can your man can handle a splash of pink? If so go for the Emily bag like Sacha Baron Cohen and his hip lady love Isla Fisher. Chocolate brown and pink look fabulous together. So, enough of our gushing, just go see all of JIMEALE’S treats for yourself at www.jimeale.com