The Best Onesies & Kid’s Tees

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It’s true you can get a tee shirt for your wee one anywhere. Finding one that stands out and oozes style is a whole other matter. We came across an e-boutique that has done all the searching and only offers the latest and most hip finds around. Start A Food Fight is the name of the shop and it carries a who’s who in the kids tee shirt and onesie world. We were impressed by the selection of celeb fave’s like Appaman and Inky Dink, and also pleased to see fresh brands that we’d never heard of like Little Traveler and Jeeto. Love that the selection runs from sporty, to vintage to girly…tee’s to fit all personalities. To make this mommy owned shop even more cool, the tees are packaged in a retro looking hot dog container…so unbelievably hip and it will totally be the best wrapped gift at the next baby shower you go to (Angie and Brad will love it…you were invited, weren’t you?). Skip on over to Start A Food Fight at