Who Doesn’t Love Robeez?

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Love it when a well known and highly respected company keeps coming out with new and fabulous designs. Mommies want function, style and reliability…if you have all those things, you have yourself a winner. Have you had a peek at Robeez new Fall line? After much debate (we wanted them all) we picked up a pair of Mary Janes Trendz in classic black. The ballet style straps are so hip and current, and they go with all our toddler’s outfits. We consider them a wardrobe staple, as you can’t go wrong with black Mary Janes, can you? Robeez has great sporty shoes this season too, like the pink Z Strap. They go perfect with a fresh white tee and worn in jeans. With all the brilliant colors and new designs, it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down. The best part? They slip on and wash well and easy…a mommy’s dream. Our tot’s shoes are slowly taking over the closet…as well it should. Have a look at the new Robeez creations at www.robeez.com…just make some room in your closet.