Best Closet In Town

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We are busy mommies and have such a small amount of time to get so much done. Feedings, baths, play time, and housework…it all adds up. Throw in a latte or two at the local cafe and your day is done. With such little time to shop for our children, we were so delighted to find out about My Princess Closet, a brilliant online shop that carries all the celeb mommy faves, and obviously ours too. We felt like royalty ourselves when the Garden Princess Dress arrived at our door (shopping for next Spring already…never too early momma!). Once we saw pictures of Miss Suri Cruise wearing this classy little dress, we had to have it too. She’s such a stylish and classy little dresser, don’t you think? You can have it monogrammed with an initial or name as well. The sweeties at My Princess Closet also included a posh little pack of crayons and a picture to color in our order. Fabulous! They also carry celeb must haves like Baby Legs and Zooni Hats…we have both and can’t wait till it’s cold enough to get the kids into them. Have a look at our best kept secret at