Style With A Twist

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We are having a dreaded bad hair day dear readers…make that a bad hair week. Too soon to get it cut and too busy to do much more than wash it, we are simply going crazy! Some days all you want is good hair…it can make your day, especially when the baby won’t nap and your toddler is having more mood swings than you are. So put the baby in the bouncer momma, switch on the “toons for the toddler ( what would we do without those Wonder Pets?) and pull up a mirror. We just started using our KNOTHEADS hair accessory and we are in love….it is fabulous!!! (we never use three exclamation points, so you know we’re happy). It comes in two sizes and simply wraps around your hair to create either a perfect pony tail, or brilliant up ‘do. You can use the little ones to hold back small sections of your hair, or try the big one and twist it into a lifesaving hair band. Knotheads were featured in this summer’s Celebrity Hairstyles mag and June’s Shape magazine, so expect to see them on celebs and their children any day (Cindy Crawford uses them on daughter Kaia’s long locks). Where will we wear them? The gym, the cafe, out for dinner with the girls, around the house and the playground….everywhere. Love the Blond Bombshell shade the most, pulled close to the hairline…very modern and took two seconds to pull our look together. Pair two Knotheads together for that trendy celeb look and you’ll feel gorgeous. We’ve always said that good hair can make or break your hectic mommy day. So toss the bobby pins, burn your scrunchies and ditch the barretts…it’s time to rock a more hip and polished look momma. See all their colors and styles for you and your girl at