Must Have: Maelee’s Posh Diaper Bag

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We just can’t tame our addiction to diaper bags. You can never have too many really…you need a sporty one for weekend hikes, a practical one for running errands and a fabulous one for long afternoon coffees and shopping with your friends. What kind of diaper bag do we carry on our fabulous days out with baby? A brilliant leather Maelee diaper bag in chocolate brown. It’s from their “Posh” diaper bag collection and it’s called the Chloe…pure leather luxury. It just oozes style and sophistication…just what you need when you’re having an extra difficult mommy day (can we just say that toilet training toddlers and having a newborn don’t mix).Love the rich look with functional pockets and compartments. Pair it with your best dark shades and a fancy shmancy stroller and the paparazzi will be following you. Best feature? Love that it opens up flat so we can see just what we’re looking for…cause when baby wants that teething toy, you don’t want to mess around searching. You can get them with a pink or blue lining which is a fun little touch, especially if you’re giving it as a shower gift. We plan to use ours long after baby grows up…it’s that hip. Take our knowledgeable word for it and check out Maelee’s timeless bags at