Hip & Trendy:Bento Lunch Boxes

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Life is complicated enough without a busy momma having to stress over making lunches for school and daycare. You want your babe’s lunch to be healthy,yummy and look scrumptious so they’ll eat it. What have we been packing our wee one’s lunch in lately? We picked up a trendy little bento box from I Love Obento, and lunch hasn’t been the same since. It’s a grown up idea made fun for kids.  Obento has some really hip picks. We chose their Honey Bee Two Tier Bento Box. Just enough room for some carrot sticks,hummus, some fancy cheese and little breads. The dividers keep the snacks separate and by using the box we’ve been using less sandwich bags (save money + the environment). We love their stylish yet sensible aluminum water bottles too. They go perfectly with the bento box. Who knew making lunch could be so much fun (and stylish?). Jazz up your toddlers lunch at www.ILoveObento.com