Our Top 5 Baby Cribs

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We’re starting something new here at Celebrity Baby Clothes.  Once a week we’ll give you our knowledgeable opinion on everything from cribs to baby bum cream…in a “Top 5″ format…”Top 10” if we’re feeling like a smarty pants.  Sometimes you just want a quick reference to whats hip and stylish, without all the mumbo jumbo, right?  So here we go!


#1  Oeuf Sparrow Crib (gray)  It’s easy to put together…looks chic.  Love the Euro design and it’s gray, the hottest color of the season.  Did we mention it coverts to a toddler bed?

#2 Brat Decor Casablanca Iron Crib (venetian gold color)  Yes, it’s a little “Jennifer Lopez”- ish, but it looks fabulous, in a vintage and regal kind of way.  It also converts mama, so consider that money well spent.

#3 Marcella Crib (black cherry finish)  So classy and love the antique look.  It has extra storage space in the drawers, which always comes in very handy.

#4  Ikea’s Leksvik (beech)  Hey, we are die hard Ikea fans and proud.  It’s an affordable and solid option in our troubled economic times mommy…love the stain and it converts to a toddler bed too…for under $200.  Very Euro minimalist and very hip.

#5  Nurseryworks Spindle Crib This is the crib to “wow” your mommy friends. It’s a classic take with a traditional twist.  Well worth the splurge and you’ll hand this one down to the grandkids.