Get Out the Boots…It’s Cold Mama!

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Once Halloween is over and all the candy is gone and the pumpkins are smashed, the weather takes a huge nosedive south…it’s so cold all of the sudden.  It’s boot time mom, and we love the new cold weather offerings from Robeez.  Have you had a look at their Cozy Collection?  The boots with the faux fur are perfect for the little rock star of the house.  Warmth and style all in one.  Truly fabulous. We think they’d look perfect on Gwen’s new little Zuma Nesta, don’t you?  We also went for their classic leather upper booties in brown this year.  Easy to slip on (moms need all the “easies” we can get) and the beige and cream lining is classic and timeless.  Perfect for boys and girls, as they are so durable you’ll be able to hand them down to your next little bundle.  Robeez have become wardrobe staples for the little people in our house.  Browsing their site we also noticed they have these brilliant gift packs with shoes and 4 pairs of socks.  Christmas shopping just got a wee bit easier for us. Have a look at and just try not to fall for those cosy booties…we betcha can’t!