Wonderboy To The Rescue

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We never used to believe those moms that said finding stylish clothes for little boys was “impossible”.  Well…after endless hours and trips to the shops, we believe them.  Finding modern threads for your little man is exhaustling!  Thank goodness we discovered Wonderboy Clothing while on one of our hunts.  Wonderboy makes modern, and dare we say it…fearless clothes for your little boy.  Ranging in sizes 6 months to boys 10, these clothes will impress even the most fussy dresser. Love the tailored look and the urban feel to their shirts. There’s a vintage flare to the patterns and the detailing (buttons, stitching and signature tags) is brilliant.  What’s on our winter must have list from Wonderboy ?  Their “Ants In Your….” button down shirt and their henley long sleeves are simply to die for. Celeb mommies like Jada Pinkett Smith and Kelly Ripa are known to dress their young men up in Wonderboy. That’s Jayden Smith (in the pic above) Jada and Will’s son sporting a Wonderboy shirt on the red carpet. Now we will too.  Have a peek at their collection at www.wonderboyclothing.com. You’ll never complain about boys clothes again.