Scoop. Drain. Repeat.

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The Frog Pod has a new sister in town and she’s called the Bug Pod.  We love it and think it’s a fab addition to your bathtub.  It’s this really cool wall mounted toy storage unit from Boon.  It’s whimsical and fun.  It appealed to our rather snooty stylish side and our tots playful side.  Love that this functional lady bug has space for storing shampoo and that it’s designed to drain all that extra water that causes slimy mold…can’t count how many bath toys we’ve tossed due to mold.  We’ve even convinced our willful toddler that clean up time is fun and easy.  Mommy gets an organized and hip looking washroom and your kids get one of the most sought after products out there. We hear that super stylish Jessica Alba is a Boon fan too.  Dress up your bathroom like us at