Shoes We Covet

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We have found over the years that you pay for what you get.  Cheap shoes equal sore feet and major tantrums.  Our solution?  Buy shoes for your tot that will stand up to the demanding test. So worth it momma.  Seriously.  Where do we shop for our wee one’s shoes?  At Vincent Shoes, darling…where else?  We have never had a problem or complaint from our toddler when she wears their hip and happenin’ styles.  Our latest obsession is their Kim  covered toe sandal and the Emma ballet flat…ohh and their Chrissy is a must have for any girl with a bit of adventure in her. The Emma is perfect for summer weddings and dress up with mommy and teddy.  Love that the strap is removable.  It lets you dress down an outfit when necessary and pair it with a twirly skirt and summer tank. Easy peasy.  So momma, when it comes to shoes, don’t think less is more.  Get the right fit, look and style,just  like us at

PS:  We had a peak at their stunning rain boots for Spring…and we want them ALL!  Greedy yes…but just wait till you see them momma!