Charley Harper Saved Our Day

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For all you mommies who are tired  of this wet summer weather…we feel your pain.  Keeping kids occupied and interested while it’s pouring down on the playground is a job that requires a heap of patience, imagination…and a pot of dark roast coffee.  We have our own “rainy day” box that helps keep our tots from loosing their minds on stormy days.  What do we keep in it?  Well, let’s just say you’ll be hard pressed to find Dora, Mickey or Winnie hiding in our supply of coloring books, puzzles, and match games.  However we do have some really one of a kind coloring books and games from Charley Harper, an American artist known for his stunning and bold wildlife prints and artwork.  Love that the coloring book illustrations are on perforated paper, so that when your mini Picasso is finished, their art can be easily removed and displayed about the house…just like a museum.  We’re also smitten with Harper’s wooden peg puzzle.   We love the whimsical yet sophisticated detail so much that we like to leave this particular toy out on the coffee table for all to see and play.  Have a look at all of Charley ‘s brilliant books, puzzles and games at Ammo Books.  They’ll help hook you and your tot up with some classic and stimulating rainy day fun.

Want to win some Charley Harper for your wee one?  Go to Ammo Books and tell us what 3 Charley Harper items you think would keep your tot busy and inspired on a rainy day.  Email your answers to by Aug 12/09 and we’ll draw a random winner.  Good luck mommies!