Hatley Is What We’re Wearing

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We know you’ve heard it from us before, but we really can’t stop our gushing about Hatley.  It’s not just cause they are a well known fave of the rich and fabulous…sure that helps, but we love ’em because they make stylish and comfy clothes that outperform all the rest.  The nature theme works for babies, children and even mommy and daddy…and if you’re into that whole “let’s dress in matching pajamas” thing, Hatley will have you covered.  We’ll admit it and say we are a matchy pj family, at least during the holidays (don’t tell anyone).  We had a look at Hatley’s new fall line and went a little crazy…sorry Visa! (It really doesn’t help that Hatley has a store about 10 minutes from our doorstep.)  Our most coveted find is the Pink Bear corduroy dress and leggings. Love the chocolate brown paired with the soft pink.  It looks so smart when paired with a crisp white blouse.  Perfect for that first day of school or a crisp autumn walk with the fam.  Have a look yourself and we think you’ll be hooked with their clever take on threads for the whole family too.