It’s All About You Baby!

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We know that Halloween isn’t even over yet, but we needed to tell you smart mammas (who like to get your Christmas shopping started early) about this fabulous book we came across. It’s called The First Adventures Of Incredible You, and it’s just about the most clever gift we’ve come across in all our mommy years.  It’s a personalized children’s book about the everyday life events of a child.  It takes you from wakeup time to bed time and covers everything in between, like  a visit to the park, zoo and the beach. the illustrations are really imaginative and pull you right into the story.  We loved how easy it was to order online, after choosing 20 or so favorite people and places  it was all done.  Getting a gift with your name and about you is magical to a child, and we’re not ashamed to admit that when we first read the book after it arrived, we got a little teary ( in that nice sweet way mommies do).  This book is also popular with the cool parents set..we hear that hip celeb mommies Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner now have more in common then Ben…they both have this book for their kids too.


Walk This Way

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Nothing makes us smile more then well dressed baby feet.  Naked little toes are cute, but dress ’em up in polka doted leather shoes or a sparkling pair of Maryjanes and you have us hooked.  We’ve recently been lucky enough to try out the latest shoes from celebrity mom and pediatrician fave Pediped.  Created by a dedicated mom and dad team and around since 2004, Pediped had surpassed many in it’s design, style and level of sophistication.  These are shoes you can pass on to your youngest and they’ll still look and feel as good as new.  Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum are just two of the many stylish celeb mommies that trust their tot’s footsies with Pediped.  What’s on our wish list from this functional and fashionable line?  The dazzling ankle strap Gabriella in metallic pink, from their exclusive Couture line.  Posh enough for your tot’s holiday party or next birthday soirée.  They take that special party outfit up a notch, and we heard they have adorned the privileged toes of Stella, Tori Spelling’s well dressed daughter. That just makes us need them even more.

The fab folks at Make a Wish and Pediped have teamed up for  Stars for a Wish, an online auction of autographed Pediped baby shoes to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The auction will run Oct. 25-Nov. 5. Truly even more fabulous.


Kushies…We’ve Always Loved You

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Have you stylish mommies checked out the latest baby gear at Kushies?  They’ve always been our “go to” company for the basics (we still have Kushies bibs that look good as new after 2 years…really, no lie).  We had a recent look at their website and all the new and modern products they had to offer.  So impressive and we love that they are keeping up with what real mommies want, while staying true to what baby really needs.  Our favorites after trying out some fab gear is a list a little too long to publish, but we’ll highlight a couple of extra special creations for ya.


Safari Organic Sleeper : So soft and it comes in this amazing chocolate brown shade (blue ,pink and green available too).  Love the modern take on the animal appliqués as well as the fabulous price.  Style doesn’t always have to cost a bundle.

Zolo Fuzzy Nubbinz : This toy will keep your wee one busy and entertained in the best of ways while you get all those “mommy” things done around the house.  Love the numbered stretchy legs and the soft gentle rattling feet.  Makes for a great backseat toy too.

Kushies has a great deal on it’s very popular and in demand Kushies Kritter Collection…this week till the 29th you can save 70% on these very sweet pillows.  See the ad below for all the details.  Also, a little early Christmas gift for you wonderful Celeb Baby Clothes readers, just type in code cbc10 to receive a 10% discount on any order. How fabulous is that?

Stay Safe…Reduce The Risks

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aden + anais , our favorite baby blanket designers and well known celebrity mommy fave is a proud sponsor of the CJ Foundation and their Sleep in Safety, Grow in Style (SSGS) campaign. We thought since October is SIDS awareness month that we should share their important message with all you mommies.

CJ Foundation’s Ten Steps to Take Before Baby Takes His or Her First!

1. Always lay your baby to sleep face up.
Side and tummy positions are not safe; check with your doctor if your baby has breathing problems.

2. Don’t smoke while pregnant and never smoke near your infant.
While pregnant or considering pregnancy do not smoke. Never let others smoke near your baby. Smoking is a major risk factor for SIDS.

3. Don’t let your baby get too hot.
Overheating is a leading risk factor for SIDS. Dress your baby in as much or as little as you would wear. If your baby is sweating, has damp hair, or a heat rash, he or she may be too hot. Room fans have been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS. Consider using a wearable blanket or
other type of sleeper instead of using a blanket.

4. Lay your baby to sleep in an approved crib, on a firm mattress.
Do not let the baby sleep on soft things, like a couch, pillow, sheepskin, foam pad, or water bed. Remove all loose bedding, stuffed animals, and pillows from crib. Crib bumpers are not recommended and can be hazardous.

5. Create a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby.
When pregnant, see your doctor often and do not use drugs or alcohol. Talk with your doctor about changes in your baby and how your baby acts.

6. If possible, breastfeed your baby.
Breastfeeding has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS.

7. Offer your baby a pacifier at all sleep times.
Pacifiers have been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS.

8. Put your baby on his or her tummy to play when your baby is awake and supervised.
Make sure someone is always watching. “Tummy Time” is good for your baby because it makes neck and shoulder muscles stronger.

9. Don’t share sleep surfaces.
Adult beds, couches, and chairs are not safe for infant sleep and increase the risk of SIDS, suffocation and accidental infant death. After feeding, put your baby back in his or her crib.

10. Share these tips with everyone who cares for your baby.
Education is the key to keeping your baby safe.

aden & anais is giving away a fabulous baby sleeping bag to one very lucky reader.  Email us at and tell us what type of special cotton they use to help keep baby from overheating while sleeping.  Also, please share this SIDS info with all your mommy friends…information is powerful.

ps…we just joined aden & anais Facebook fan page…you should too.


Gorgeous Baby Gifts

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We know we’ve said it before, however this time we think we honestly have found the most clever, and amazingly adorable baby shower gift out there.  The Baby Bunch, well known for their beautiful baby bouquets of clothes (just love how they wrap up an entire newborn wardrobe into a nifty little bunch of flowers) now also offer organic onesie cupcakes and crayon romper.  We think they are so “ohh and aww” worthy that you’ll want to have a newborn just to dress up in these sweet onesies.  Seriously.  The organic cupcakes come in sets of 2 or 4, all neutral in color and decorated with removable appliqués to make them look  like real and very delicious desserts.  They arrived at our door in a bakers box and we couldn’t decide if we were more  thrilled about how cute they were, or just disappointed we were that we couldn’t actually eat them…a little bit of both.  For the less cutesy and perhaps more gender neutral gift, we recommend The Baby Bunch’s Crayon Rompers…very smart looking and very impressive as well.  Love that these three bright colored onesies are packed up into a big crayon box.  So original.  With their baby bouquets, organic cupcake boxes and crayon onesies, we really can’t wait to see what The Baby Bunch comes up with next.


Oh, we forgot to mention that The Bay Bunch is Martha Stewart approved (which we must admit, makes us like the onesies even more).  Have a look at this video of Martha getting a quick lesson on how to assemble a Baby Bunch Bouquet. Our humble advice…don’t try this at home, leave it to the pros.


Very Cool & Very Necessary

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One thing we’ve learned as busy parents, is that you can never have too many sippy cups…never.  We’ve also learned that you can never be too careful about what container you serve your child’s drink in.  Using something reusable, chemical free and functional is the only way to go.  We loved our Safe Sippy from Kidbasix so much that when our tot needed to graduate to a “big girl” cup, we chose the Safe Sporter.  And yes we admit that our choice was perhaps based a little bit on looks along with durability.  This cup could win you over on it’s sleek design alone, but it also comes with some brilliant features that make it a mommy must have. The Safe Sporter stainless steel cup has an extra wide mouth which makes cleaning easier (how many toddler cups have we ditched cause they never get clean enough?…too many to admit to) and the body of the sport bottle has a sleeve over it to help little hands grip their drink and not freeze their little fingers.  The colors to choose from are bold and makes spotting your tots drink at your next mommy playdate a breeze. We love the bright pink, but must say the green comes in at a close second. Be smart and stylish like us and help out mother nature with this safe and reusable drinking bottle.


Impressive Basics From Gardin

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We are obsessed with finding just the right basics for our tots wardrobe.  We want function mixed with timeless style, and a price that doesn’t break our bank.  We stumbled upon all that and more with Gardin, a gem of a clothing company that makes organic tees and tops for children.  What sets these basics apart from the rest is the attention to detail…just have a look at their designs.  The double stitching on the cuffs and selection of hip shades will impress even the fussiest of moms and tots.  We like the soft organic cotton and the general feel of the tees…nothing flimsy here mommas, these shirts are made to last and be passed along to lucky siblings.  We went with the girls Henley in olive and the boys Polo in lake.  Pair these shirts with some dressy black cords or casual dark jeans and you have outfits for just about any occasion.  Helping the environment and looking fabulous at the same time…how very modern of us.


Celeb Worthy Diaper Bags

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What has us smiling despite the freezing cold October weather?  Our fantastic new diaper bag from none other than Amy Michelle. We went with their shiny red Gladiola Baby Bag with champagne lining. So deliciously fresh and modern.  It’s the perfect bag for a momma that doesn’t want her bag to scream diapers and wipes, but have plenty of room to carry them.  The Gladiola comes with a handy change pad and has enough room for all your baby essentials and space left over for mamma’s weekly magazines and makeup case. If red doesn’t get you going, then you can choose from a selection of some very stylish shades. Who’s been lucky enough to be gifted with an Amy Michelle diaper bag?  Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling and new mommy Jennifer Hudson are just a few of the A-listers who have received a piece of style from Amy Michelle.  Now that we have you wanting this smart and classy bag, we have to admit that we’ve been toting it around town without the kids and completely diaper free at times…we’ve been taking this bag to the movies, dinners with daddy and lunch with the ladies.  It’s just too fabulous to only be used to carry baby’s needs, thus we have two bags in one.  Lucky us.


Our Best Shopping Buddy

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Who do we take with us to the local shops and super market?  Our trusty new Flip & Tumble bag.  This brilliant little bundle unfolds from a ball into a very practical, stylish and handy shopping tote.  Made of rip stop nylon and able to hold about 25lbs, it makes our shopping excursions more environmentally friendly.  Why pack your purchases up in wasteful plastic when you can use this trendy and functional bag over and over?  You can choose from so many different bold shades to express yourself, however we love their more unique and artistic line of print bags.  We went for their Pink Bike print…very hip and lovely.  They roll up just like a pair of socks and fit into our diaper bag for unexpected shopping trips.  Like we needed an excuse to shop…

Win your very own Flip & Tumble tote.  Just go to their site and pick your 3 favorite shades and patterns…let us know at by Oct 20th/09 midnight.`