Our Best Shopping Buddy

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Who do we take with us to the local shops and super market?  Our trusty new Flip & Tumble bag.  This brilliant little bundle unfolds from a ball into a very practical, stylish and handy shopping tote.  Made of rip stop nylon and able to hold about 25lbs, it makes our shopping excursions more environmentally friendly.  Why pack your purchases up in wasteful plastic when you can use this trendy and functional bag over and over?  You can choose from so many different bold shades to express yourself, however we love their more unique and artistic line of print bags.  We went for their Pink Bike print…very hip and lovely.  They roll up just like a pair of socks and fit into our diaper bag for unexpected shopping trips.  Like we needed an excuse to shop…

Win your very own Flip & Tumble tote.  Just go to their site and pick your 3 favorite shades and patterns…let us know at celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com by Oct 20th/09 midnight.`