100% Recycled Fun

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Every boy (or girl for that matter) needs a toy dump truck.  It’s just one of those things.  Total necessity.  It’s a classic and solid choice for a Christmas gift…what little boy doesn’t want to zoom around Christmas morning filling his dump truck up with holiday bows and his sister’s precious toys?  This year we picked Green Toy’s much sought after yellow and red dump truck.   Made completely from recycled milk jugs and free from nasty chemicals ( not a drop of BPA’s in this vehicle) and also free of batteries, funny sounds and remote controls. Perfect for indoors and out and it’s lite enough to pack up and take it with you for playdates.  Love the fair price too.  We think this toy sends the right message to tots…not too excessive, earth friendly and tons of fun.  Green Toys and their fabulous environmentally friendly creations will be making an appearance under our tree this year, what about yours?


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