Breastfeed In Comfort

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We have some advise for all you mommies -to- be…if you choose to breastfeed, do yourself the favor of getting a quality nursing pillow.  You will save yourself from back discomfort and be able to position yourself way more comfy then if you go it alone.  Believe us…we know this one thing to be true.  We wish we had owned one of Bummis hypoallergenic, super soft pillows the first time around.  They call their pillow the Kuddle Ring, and it wins our vote as the best breastfeeding pillow on the market.  It has a close fit around your waist and has removable stuffing if the pillow feels too high.  Best part?  The cover is removable and washable…may not sound necessary to someone who hasn’t breastfed, but you would be amazed at how messy your pillow can get.  The whole pillow is washable really, if necessary. Made in Montreal and well know for their cloth diapers, Bummis has created a pillow that really does make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable (and you’ll thank them too after a 3am feeding).