Nursery Bedding We Love

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A wise mommy once told us that you can never have enough baby blankets…we’d like to tweak that a little to add “you can never have enough gorgeous baby blankets”.  Our latest find has so many beautiful patterns to choose from, that selecting a few gorgeous designs will not be a problem.  Carousel Designs makes bedding for cribs, cradles and toddler beds.  American made and produced, this bedding will please just about everybody…from mommies who like to keep things organic and classic to dads who like solids and chenille.  Not only are we smitten with the stunning patterns and modern designs, but also the fact that you can custom create your own nursery bedding (on- line), as did celeb mommy Rachel Dratch (of SNL fame) for her chic NY apartment.  Her modern nursery was designed by Nate Berkus and featured on his hit NBC decorating show.  While we may not have Nate on speed dial, we can use (steal) his ideas and make a nursery look like it was done up by a top notch designer by using Carousel’s elegant bedding. You too can do all this while 8 months pregnant, in front of your lap top…drinking your morning latte in your most well loved jammies.  Just like us.


2 thoughts on “Nursery Bedding We Love

  1. Wow! That bedding is so stunning. I really like it. It’s a must have! I’m showing this to all my friends.