Gorgeous Nursing Clothes = Happy Mommy

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Clothes specifically designed for breastfeeding is a trend we love.  It’s so much easier to feed your baby when there are secret flaps that open and necklines are easy to pull over…nursing your baby in a turtle neck is no simple task.  Who wants to be pulling at buttons and high necklines when baby is hungry?  So thrilled we discovered the stylish and modern nursing clothes from Mothers En Vogue.  They make modern and dare we say sexy designs that make breastfeeding a snap while you’re on the go.  The necklines, hemlines, fabric and designs are all done with care and an attitude that breastfeeding clothes should be comfy and look fabulous.   What have we been wearing from Mothers En Vogue?  After lots of debate we settled on the Chiffon Trim Nightdress and the Anna Jane Dress.  Both are super soft and can be worn while you are pregnant and post partum while you are nursing.  Love the nightdress as it’s extra fancy and makes you feel a wee bit more special then wearing old sweats to bed.  The Anna Jane dress looks brilliant when paired with leggings and tall boots.  When you look good, you’ll feel more confident and capable of all the challenges that come along with mommyhood.  Really.  It’s our mom tip of the day.