Yes…We Bought It

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We did pick up Gwynnie Paltrow’s new cook book and we’re not afraid to admit it.  Yes, it was purchased just because it was her and we were curious.  Could she really cook?  Did the recipes taste yummy?  Would she share some family secrets?  Well, yes to all three really.  We honestly like the book…not love…but a really big like.  Best thing is that it’s about bringing family together and about getting kids to help out with the cooking too.  Don’t love all the “white flour guilt” and how most recipes start with “this is my version of…..”.  Lots of praise for Vermont Maple syrup too…she must not have tried ours  from Nova Scotia…it really is the best.  The pancakes her father used to make her really are quite delicious, as is the crumble recipe.  Her pico de gallo recipe make our Mexican feast even more yummy.  We’re determined to tackle her now famous duck ragu…once the kids are grown and we have time for all that duck cooking and shredding.  Maybe we’ll just have to ask if she’ll come over and help us cook it.  You free this Friday GP?