Get Carried Away

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As a family, we love taking long hikes through the national parks, local green spaces and beach front trails.  With the right carrier, you can keep up with an active outdoor lifestyle even with a busy baby.  We have been using Phil & Teds Escape carrier all Fall and have to say, it just might be the most fabulous baby carrier we’ve had the pleasure of using.  The Escape has all the features we need and appreciate as parents, like it’s sturdy base, and relatively compact size.  It’s not small, but compared to other carriers out there it really takes up less precious space in our car and when we store it away.  Love the comfort that our baby has in the carrier, while remaining safely and securely strapped in, and the added foot stirrups for better circulation are an extra treat ( they also help keep the mud off mommy’s coat!).  Nothing worse then a wiggly unhappy baby half way through your family hike but with the Escape, we’ve had nothing but a content little tot.   So content and comfy that she falls asleep on our long walks.  If you are looking for a carrier and are new to the baby game, keep in mind Phil & Teds solid reputation and loyal following. They know their baby gear.

Eco + Chic = Wean Green

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There is one thing all mommies can’t wait for…baby’s first solid meal. Dare you to go on Facebook and look through any new mommy’s photos and NOT find a pic of baby with rice cereal happily all over his face. With this in mind, it only makes sense that while feeding your baby his meals that you use a dish and container that is safe and functional. BPA’s or not, plastic just doesn’t cut it when it comes to baby’s meals and snacks. Since we were going to great lengths to make healthy meals for our baby (with the occasional jar of baby food here and there) we wanted the dishes and containers to reflect our hard work and dedication. That’s why we went with the eco friendly Wean Green feeding cubes. Made of strong tempered glass with a super durable silicone seal, these cubes and containers are perfect for anything from pureed squash to chopped up finger foods for your growing toddler.  Love the vibrant kid and mom friendly colors of the easy to remove lids.  Especially the raspberry one.  Can we confess that we’ve been stealing the sandwich size one from our kindergartener?  Well…she has two , and it fits our afternoon snack so well, and it’s just too much fun to pull out while we’re sitting in the park.  The best thing about Wean Green is that it really is made for the whole family.  Perfectly made, eco friendly containers that make lunch and snacks more fun and earth friendly for each member of the team.  The only problem so far is the “Who get’s to use the pink one…” argument at 7am.  Try ’em…you’ll never buy ziplocks again.  We swear.

No Babysitter? No Problem.

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Once you have a baby, you quickly realize that things are going to change around the house.  Your new responsibilities leave you less time to do the things you used to do. Don’t get us wrong…it’s all worth it…but you still need to take some time to do the things that make you happy.  For us, it’s going to the movies.  Getting a babysitter and staying up late to catch a movie with friends or your honey is really difficult with a new bambino.  Arranging feeding schedules so you can make the opening credits to a late show is almost impossible.   No need to miss out though, because Empire Theaters has this fabulous program for busy parents so that they don’t miss out on all the fun and new movies too.  It’s called Reel Babies and 2 times a month you can see a new release movie in a super baby friendly setting.  Just how baby friendly is it?  Well, the volume of the movie is lower, the lights are semi dimmed and they provide bottle warmers, change stations, play mats, baby swings and exersaucers so that you can enjoy the movie to it’s fullest.  We also love that it’s a totally breast feeding friendly event.  Many places are these days, but there is something extra friendly about it when you are in a room full of new mommies that are feeding their babies too.  We also think it’s pretty cool that you get to vote on what movie your theater will play.  The Reel Babies web site is very easy to navigate and voting is a cinch once you register ( we just voted on Footloose for next week…fingers crossed!).  So what are you waiting for mamma?  No need to get dressed up.  Just check out your local listing s on the web site, call up some mommy friends, pack up your diaper bag and sit back and relax at the movies.

Want to win a double pass for you and a friend to experience Reel Babies?  Leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us what movie you want to see with your baby.  It’s that simple.  We’ll end the contest November,1/2011 with  2 random draws.  Open to Canadian readers only.  Good luck mommies!

Disclosure – I am participating in the Empire Reel Babies program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Empire Theaters. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

The Perfect Tote

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Little Uni, a Celebrity Baby Clothes favorite for many years, has been adding some really cool creations to their already super fun line.  We just received one of their new all natural cotton tote bags and we are smitten.  It’s strong and sturdy enough for groceries, and fancy and stylish enough for a day at the farmers market.  We went for the Crown Tote and had it personalized with our wee one’s name just to make it even more special.  Love the regal purple crown…with all the currant fuss over the Royals it would make a perfect gift for just about any monarch supporter/Kate & William fan in your life.  We think it makes a great alternative to a paper gift bag or wrapping paper, as these totes are reusable, washable and a gift in itself. There’s lots of original designs to choose from…even one for doggie lovers, and a sweet truck tote for that toddler in your life with a huge collection of dinkies looking for a home.

Gorgeous Hair Clips

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Our obsession with hair clips just never ends!  Our latest hunt brought us to Couture Clips, created by two mommies who know what we’re all looking for when it comes to hair accessories for little girls.  Their handmade designs passed all our rigorous “testing”…the clips and headbands stayed put after some serious playground fun and running around…not once did our wee one complain about the headband hurting her head…and the colors and styles are modern and super stylish.  Perfect for snazzing up a plain tee and jeans outfit or for adding the finishing touch to party threads.  Our must haves are the sequined Lauren bow clippy and the feather headband.  Both make a really classy and modern impression. We hear that Jessica Alba and Jen Gardiner are fans too.  Great mommies think alike.

Waddler : Beautiful & Inspiring

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We were hooked on this amazing clothing line just by reading their “About” page on their intoxicating web site.  A story about a mommy and daddy ditching the London lifestyle and heading to South America with their 1 year old to make a new and exciting life.  Along the way they designed and created a natural and fair trade children’s clothing line.  Sounds fantastic, right?  Waddler’s line (baby-size 5) includes gorgeous baby Alpaca knits, hand made in Bolivia.  We were fortunate enough to get to see first hand how soft and luxurious their wool clothes are…and can we just say that we have never felt anything so cozy in our lives.  We have the patch jumper with suede elbow patches and coconut buttons. Our wee one looks super sweet and stylish wearing it and Continue reading »