Skinnygirl Face & Body Rocks Our World

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Nobody wants or likes dry, dull skin…especially pregnant ladies.  Like they don’t have enough going on already…sore feet, swollen everything , and being oh so tired.  We discovered a new, and very affordable line that caters to mommas to be and all their beauty needs…and troubles.  Bethenny Frankel of Housewives of NY fame has added a new line to her growing empire, and we like it.  Famous for her natural take on healthy eating, and line of Skinnygirl cocktails, she can now add making pregnant mommies feel good to her list of talents.  Her new Face & Body products are amazingly affordable and quite effective.  Love the Soothing Body Oil with it’s super lite scent and moisturizing natural oils like almond and coconut.  Perfect after a shower on freshly shaved legs.  It’s marketed for mommies pre and post baby, but we think it’s just perfect for anyone with dry skin.  Put it on at night after a nice bath…rub it into your tired feet, pull on some cotton socks  (pour yourself a Skinnygirl margarita) and your skin will be as soft as a baby by morning.  Oh Bethenny, what will you think of next?

One thought on “Skinnygirl Face & Body Rocks Our World

  1. I am pregnant and my dry skin is driving me crazy. I have tried so many lotions but haven’t really found one that works. I will definitely try the soothing body oil hoping that it will be effective. Thank you for your great website. It is super helpful.