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BOO HOO!  Another celebrity mom on the issue of baby weight.  GWEN STEFANI ( who’s new album is due out Dec.,5) told RYAN SEACREST on his radio show that, “It’s been hard, but it’s mostly gone.”  As moms we all know how hard it is to drop weight you gain during a pregnancy….but to hear Hollywood mommas complain about it makes it harder on the rest of us.  Though we here at Celeb Baby Clothes applaud her method of a healthy diet and exercise to lose the weight we really don’t want to hear about how difficult she found it.  If the average mom had a nanny, a zillion dollars and a chef, they would not complain about how hard it was to lose the weight….that would make it easier.  We must say she does look great and she did also state that she was still breastfeeding little KINGSTON, so that makes up for some of her whining.  Toughen up GWEN…you got it easy!  SOURCE :