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We are quite obsessed since discovering Momfilter.   A brill website from the founders of Cookie magazine (we are still mourning the loss of Cookie…best magazine ever….can’t bare to toss our old ones in the recycle bin yet). It’s all about kids, travel, cooking, style…everything you want to know and a little bit more. Check them out and get as hooked as we are.


Kid Clothes Made For Summer Fun

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When stylish mommies like Heidi Klum and Kate Hudson (did she or didn’t she?…either way she looks fab) choose to dress their tots in the hip designs from City Threads, we should all breathe a sigh of relief.  Proof that not all celeb mommies take it to the “couture level” and drain the bank account for a playdate outfit…some use their mommy smarts and pick clothes that are durable, comfy and modern, like the collection at City Threads. Our own tiny rebel is wearing the Rock tee in charcoal gray. Love the nautical star design which is very trendy this season. Just edgy enough to get a smile but not too grown up either. We paired our new tee with their Soft Twill Cargo Shorts in red…looks sharp together. Now only if the weather would cooperate and get warm enough for shorts. City Threads Spring and Sumer line is made for the playground, beach and adventurous days out with mommy and daddy. Just don’t be disappointed that your wee one will be better dressed than you.


Need New Spring Clothes?

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Who doesn’t need a few new items to spruce up their Spring wardrobe?  Even baby needs a couple of new onesies to feel bright and sunny on his daily strolls with mommy.  May we suggest the fabulous Poppyseed for all your hip new onesie and tee shirt needs?  Poppyseed is a brill new clothing company that makes gorgeous handmade tees using recycled fabric for it’s original appliqués.  We know…we wish we had thought of it too.  Green, earth conscious, affordable and the clothes look stylish, in a very kid friendly and whimsical way.  Our picks for Spring are the Little Bunny Foo Foo and Matty The Sheep tees ans onesies.  Our wee one sported the long sleeve Polar Bear tee all over town this chilly winter…super soft, easy to wash and he looked quite adorable if we do say so ourselves. Take that Suri!

Pre order their Pedal tee and get 20% off…fantastic deal.



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We have a rule here at Celeb Baby Clothes…only write about things we try out.  How can we say it’s fabulous unless we tried it?  Well….we are breaking the rules…just this once.  Although we have not been lucky enough to try Freshology (Canada is just a little too far for them to deliver…sigh) we just had to write about it after a reader was kind enough to let us know about it.  Freshology is a gourmet prepared meal delivery company that even has a program that caters specifically to mommies.  How fabulous is that?  Fresh Mommy Nutrition is an all-natural meal program which that ‘s designed for pre natal and post natal mommas. It’s so difficult to plan nutritional and delicious meals after baby arrives…near impossible.  Freshology does all the work so you can focus on your new little baby.  Looks like Sarah Michelle Geller, Jennifer Lopez and Debi Mazer agree, as they used this program to drop the baby weight themselves…although we’re sure there were also a few personal trainers and nannies involved in their post baby bodies.  Have a look at their site, and if you try it out let us know if Freshology tastes as good as it looks.


Chic For Less

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You don’t always have to spend a bundle on your little bundle.  It’s true.  You can totally get baby gear that’s hip, cool and stylish and have change left over for a fancy brunch at that little French Bistro.  We learned this little life lesson when we stumbled upon the swanky diaper bags by Chelsea & Main at Walmart.  Yes…we said Walmart mommy.  Chelsea & Main is sold exclusively there, which really makes it easy to get all your grocery shopping done and get a fab baby bag all at once.  We went for the Jet Setter Diaper Tote in chocolate brown and pink.  Love the polka dot change pad and the over the shoulder design.  It has tons of room for mommy and baby, and even enough room for some daddy stuff too.  Sometimes it’s wise to spend a little less, especially if you can find something that’s functional and looks fantastic.  We plan on using Chelsea & Main’s bags as a clever gift bag for the next baby shower we go to…just going to fill it to the top with some baby essentials and mom will be all set for that impending delivery day (as ready as you can be anyway).  Very “Martha Stewart” of us if we do say so ourselves.

Tee Shirts We Love

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Tee shirts are a wardrobe stable.  Your kids will wear one almost everyday, so why not stand out and make your tot’s a little more hip?  We have a few of the latest designs from Schatzi Wear, a brill Canadian company that makes the most adorable tees with a bit of urban this and that mixed in.  Love the Wuv Dove the most….so soft and the blue bird design is simply stunning.  Very “Jolie -Pitt” if you ask us…edgy and sweet all at once.   We also got a sneak peak and sample of their new “This Is How I Roll” tee that comes packaged as a sushi roll with chopsticks…very cool and A-List indeed.  All Shcatzi’s tees are sweatshop free, made in north America and full of style.  Their 2010 Spring & Summer line will be even more eco friendly according to the two fabulous mommy owners…what more could you ask for?

Eco Friendly Towels For Baby

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What’s our latest obsession?  Towels.  Yes you heard us….towels.  Who knew there were so many to choose from for your little tot?  We thought we were excited when we got our first hooded towel years ago with our first baby.  That was until we discovered the fun and fabulous designs at Bambooh Brand Organic .  These towels, made of luxurious  terry velour bamboo and organic cotton are so soft and make bath time at our house even more fun.  The sparkly rhinestones on the pink crown would make any little girl more than happy to splash around in the tub, and the Robot Poncho will keep your babe warm after a late afternoon swim.  What a hit they’d be at the next baby shower you (have to…) go to.  Have  a look at Bambooh’s amazing creations and see what has us loving tub time again.


Stay Hydrated, Safe & Smell Great Too

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We are always on the look out for affordable luxury here at Celebrity Baby Clothes.   Show us a way to look, smell and feel good and we’re all over it.  No surprise then, that when a box full of fabulous body and personal care products showed up on our doorstep from EO that we actually squealed with delight. Full out squeal.  EO is a wonderful family run business that makes creams, lotions,shampoos and so much more, using only the best natural and organic ingredients.  Perfect for moms that want to ensure their families are using safe and chemical free products.  With ingredients like mango seed butter, chocolate & mint and organic coconut milk, we can’t decide if we like the natural scent or the smooth hydrating results better.  We also thought we’d try their plant based hand sanitizer in French Lavender.  Love the fresh scent…who knew killing germs could smell so good and be so calming?  We used to be pretty relaxed about germs and relied on good hand washing, but with all this flu worry we are reformed hand sanitizers in this house.  Can we also just say that we love the packaging?  We know…a little shallow, but we just love the deep blue bottles and how sophisticated they make the bathroom look.

EO is having a special…15% off hand sanitizers,shower gels and foot care products. Brilliant.

Cover Up With Major Style

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We love the warm sunny weather and all the beach time that comes along with it.  Keeping our kids covered up and protected from UV rays just got easier and very stylish with the help from UV Skinz, a brilliant company that makes sunblock clothing.   Love the super hip patterns and soft feel of the swimshirts.  The non irritating seams and breathable fabric protects baby while they frolic in the sea.  What did we choose to cover baby up in?  We went with the Sharky and the Flutter….both irresitably hip and pleasing to both mom and toddler.  We hear that celeb mommy Marcia Cross is a UV Skinz fan along with celeb daddy Matthew McConaughey.  Not bad company to be in if we do say so ourselves.   So ditch the mommy guilt for once and do the right thing….cover that baby up in stylish swim gear from UV Skinz…it will give you and Mr.McConaughey something to chat about on the beach.