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jeremy piven emmy Oh what a night for awkward moments!  If you watched any of the EMMY red carpet coverage you will already know that JEREMY PIVEN has no interest in celebrity babies.  MR PIVEN of that fab and hilarious show ENTOURAGE on HBO ( just watched the season finale, so good!) was being quizzed about JENNIFER GARNER'S bub, VIOLET by BILLY BUSH (yes he is related to THAT other Bush). BILLY then asked PIVEN about baby SHILOH since he lives in Malibu like the JOLIE-PITT clan.  Let's just say MR ENTOURAGE was not amused and told BILLY he had, " 116 other things to do…I don't go hunting for celebrity babies, thank you Billy."  Speak for yourself JEREMY!  In all fairness they were stupid questions for that particular star.  What do you expect from a BUSH?  Go to TMZ and check out the interview yourself .  In related awkward celebrity news ANGELINA JOLIE'S father JON VOIGHT has just sealed the deal on not seeing his grand kids for, like ever.  At the BAFTA TEA PARTY, MR VOIGHT was talking about his grand kids on camera and didn't know the name of little ZAHARA, instead calling her SHAKIRA. ANGELINA and her father have been estranged since he went on Access Hollywood a few years back and said his daughter had mental problems and needed help.  My guess is that this little boo boo isn't going to help.  SOURCE:

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