Something To Brag About

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As moms we want our tots dressed comfy and stylish.  No need to sacrifice either when shopping at BRAG ABOUT BABY, a super snazzy site featuring cozy yet fabulous onesies.  Truly original embroidered patterns on soft cotton onesies that come with darling little hats and sweet booties.  Nothing too cutesy here, just brilliant designs made to keep babe comfy and one of a kind.  We love the LUVBUG set with buzzy bees.  So delicious. The CRANKY CROSSBONES set with it’s funky crossbones and treasure map would be perfect for Miss ANGELINA when she has another baby, as would the BOMBSHELL BABY with those red kissy lips.  BRAD wouldn’t even need to fuss about wrapping, as BRAG ABOUT BABY bundles it all up in a yummy little aqua box with gorgeous tulle bow.  Perfect outfits for bringing baby home from the hospital, when all the real fun starts.  Check out their fresh creations at