Fabulous Cookbook Gets Your Tots Eating Well

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I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for anything OPRAH loves. Her favorites become my must haves. When I saw celebrity mommy, and wife of JERRY SEINFELD, JESSICA SEINFELD on OPRAH last week talking about how to get kids to eat their veggies, my ears immediately perked up. Dinner time has become a battle at our house, with the toddler winning hands down. She practically lives off of grill cheese sandwiches. I’ll also admit that I didn’t even thumb through the book at the shop before I threw my visa down…but there was no need as this cookbook on how to hide veggies in everyday healthy meals is brilliant. Easy to read and follow with fantastic tips from other moms waging meal wars at home. Love the recipes and art work…besides being useful, this book is super cute looking. As a mommy who loves cookbooks (Jamie and Nigella are my kitchen heroes), DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS gets the style right by using spiral rings to make page turning easier and keeps your book open while you stir and chop…thanks Jessica. Our favorite recipes? Has to be the French Toast and the Brownies (who new that carrots and spinach could be hidden so well?). So stop freaking at the dinner table…hide the veggies and sit back and smile knowing your kids are getting a healthy meal. Get your sanity back with : Deceptively Delicious