Pure & Simple

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Now that we have a teeny tiny baby in the house, we wanted to make sure all the everyday things we use are safe and gentle. No more scary chemicals and ingredients in our house. We just recently tried out the MD Moms skin care line called BABY SILK and we are hooked. Rashy bottom? They have you covered. Trouble with messy sun creams? Try their amazingly simple sunscreen towelettes. The two mommy pediatricians that created this fantastic line have even thought of the little things to make using their products that much easier. Caps flip open, and the bottles have wide bases as not to fall over. One less thing to worry about during your hectic mommy day. The scent of their creams and liquid powder is so yummy, but very subtle. It smells so good that we’ve been slathering the cream on ourselves too. Who has the same great taste that we have? Naomi Watts ( who apparently has a second baby on the way) is a true fan as are Nicole Richie and Jennifer Garner (yep, she’s pregnant again too). Such smarties! Check out this celeb fave line at www.mdmoms.com and soon you’ll be just as addicted as we are. Promise.

Celeb Worthy Tee

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brocky toddler shirt

Listen up celebrity moms…we know you’re reading Gwyneth! You stylish mommies like to stay ahead of the crowd and we have just discovered the most original and one of a kind tee shirt companies ever…Translation Tees. They make shirts using your child’s unique baby talk. They take all those funny and sweet mispronunciations by your toddler and turn them into fabulous tees you’ll never want them to grow out of. We’ll give you an example: Our little tot loves to listen to violins and is constantly requesting “lins” on the radio. So we asked the brilliant folks at Translation Tees to make us up a tee with a violin and the word “LINS” acrcoss the chest. She loves it and requests to wear it every day …good thing it washes and wears so well. Each tee is made with custom designed illustrations and comes in long or short sleeve. Love the black cuff and neck accents. If you’re little chatterbox says something that they haven’t already thought of, just fill out their special request form and they will make you a fresh and snazzy new tee. Perfect gift for a new talker and an amazing way to capture their baby talk years. Now hurry up and check them out (before Angie and Gwynnie scoop ya) at www.temporarylanguage.com

Hip Diaper Bag For Mommy & Daddy

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We are always on the hunt for the very best and most stylish diaper bag. We get really excited when the style and design appeals to both mommy and daddy. How many times does your husband wrinkle his nose or roll his eyes when you ask him to carry your pink and flowery baby bag? He’d rather risk being caught without a clean diaper then be scene with a frilly bag. We can’t change our men but we can certainly switch up our diaper bags. We love the classy and timeless look of JIMEALE’S diaper bag collection. Clean lines, gorgeous rich color (chocolate brown…love it!) and oodles of space for all your baby and mommy and daddy things. It’s got two side pocket’s for babe’s bottles, a comfy padded strap ( very important for long days of strolling and shopping) and it comes with a matching change pad. We tried out the Luca bag that’s lined with an eye catching lime green pattern and we’ve been stopped everyday in the park by parents wanting to know where we got this brilliant and functional bag. Can your man can handle a splash of pink? If so go for the Emily bag like Sacha Baron Cohen and his hip lady love Isla Fisher. Chocolate brown and pink look fabulous together. So, enough of our gushing, just go see all of JIMEALE’S treats for yourself at www.jimeale.com

Maternity Clothes Sale

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Hello mommies to be….super stylish maternity clothes are on sale, and we needed to tell you about it. HATCH MATERNITY has always been a favorite of ours and if you are in the Toronto area you should check it out. You can’t wear your hubby’s sweat pants the whole 9 months! Get some classy maternity threads at www.hatchmaternity.com

Where: 69 Wingold Avenue, Suite 106, Toronto Map

When: July 26 – 28, 2008
Saturday (10 am – 5 pm)
Sunday (10 am – 5 pm)
Monday (11 am – 8 pm)


Celeb Favorite Pippalily Does it Again

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We all know that Pippalily makes fabulous baby slings. They are a must for any mommy who wants to carry their baby comfortably in style. Did you know that Pippalily now makes super soft minky blankets and chic little diaper clutches? When we heard about their new baby gear we had to try it out for ourselves…difficult job but someone has to do it. The blanket is unbelievably soft on one side and comes in fresh and funky designs on the other. We chose the Blue Gothic Rose pattern as it was perfect for a boy or a girl Which blanket did Gwen Stefani receive? The Sky Temple blanket and the matching diaper clutch. How much “stuff” can you pack into that brilliant little clutch? Well 4 diapers and a travel wipe container as it says on the Pippalily web site…but we also crammed a lipbalm, a cellphone, two credit cards and our ipod…not bad, and we felt extra swanky when we pulled it our to change our baby’s bottom. Oh, the glamor! Check out their site and see what’s new at this drooliciouse Canadian company: www.pippalily.com

Keep Them Safe & Stylish

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It seems all I did last summer was chase after baby blankets that had blown off my stroller and car seat…trying to keep the sun off the babies is an Olympic event! This season we were ready with a fantastic little blanket that comes with baby safe clips attached…so simple, so necessary. Secure2Me has designed a blanket called the Eclipse that not only stays put, but blocks out 95% of the sun’s harmful rays…and it comes in super cute shades that are sure to match your Bugaboo or Maclaren (very important). We’ve been using it at the beach and for long walks in the park (our toddler thinks it makes a great cape for playtime…whatever keeps her busy). Love how sheer and breathable these blankets are, and that it’s keeping my wee ones safe…and stylishly so. Have a look at this brilliant blanket at www.secure2me.com


The Best Onesies & Kid’s Tees

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It’s true you can get a tee shirt for your wee one anywhere. Finding one that stands out and oozes style is a whole other matter. We came across an e-boutique that has done all the searching and only offers the latest and most hip finds around. Start A Food Fight is the name of the shop and it carries a who’s who in the kids tee shirt and onesie world. We were impressed by the selection of celeb fave’s like Appaman and Inky Dink, and also pleased to see fresh brands that we’d never heard of like Little Traveler and Jeeto. Love that the selection runs from sporty, to vintage to girly…tee’s to fit all personalities. To make this mommy owned shop even more cool, the tees are packaged in a retro looking hot dog container…so unbelievably hip and it will totally be the best wrapped gift at the next baby shower you go to (Angie and Brad will love it…you were invited, weren’t you?). Skip on over to Start A Food Fight at www.startafoodfight.com


2 Chix Does It Again

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You know the feeling…your 8 months pregnant and you have NOTHING to wear! The horror! You’re tired of the slim picking at your local maternity store (honestly…where do they find some of that stuff…pregnant woman do not like big yellow bows on their clothing!). We have so been there momma, and we have a remedy. Check out 2 chix’s fabulous new offering, their ubur cool Peek -A- Boo Tee. Made of super soft, weathered looking cotton, this tee will help give your maternity wardrobe a little style boost. When we were preggers we chose ours in granite as it goes with everything…no fuss and we think we looked pretty darn cute wearing it. Loved the way it hugged our bump and the V neck was super flattering to our growing figure. Wear it with a white tank underneath for a casual layered look. Those designers at 2 chix know how to keep a pregnant lady happy…brilliant clothes that make you look fabulous. Just what you need when you are pregnant. See all their fresh offerings at www.2chix.com