Agoo’s All Weather Jacket Is All Style

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You have to be prepared for all sorts of tragic weather when you have kids. A sunny autumn day in the park can quickly change to cold rain and (heaven forbid) snow. If you’re smart like us, you like to keep your load lite and only take what you need when strolling with the wee ones. Fall and winter gear should be fuss free and ready for surprises. We picked up a sharp looking fall coat from Agoo called the All Weather Jacket and we are more than pleased. It’s warm (polar fleece on the inside), waterproof and lite weight, perfect for our active toddler. Love that it comes in black, because being a kid is messy. Black hides all the minor troubles of the day, is super classy and goes with everything, which makes this jacket even more fabulous. What’s our favorite thing about this coat? It keeps our tot happy and warm enough to spend a few more minutes playing outside, which is all that really matters. Click the link below to check out Agoo’s fantastic gear. You’ll be thanking us later.

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