Kid Safe Sun Screen…Yes You Need It.

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We’re not going to try and make you feel guilty….however…using products that are safe and free of harmful chemicals just makes sense.  We’re not perfect and sometimes we all eat fast food (and enjoy it), shop at big box stores and forget to serve veggies with supper, but when it comes to our tot’s skin we think you should use what’s best for them no matter what.  We discovered Marie Veronique Organics and heard about their new Kid Safe Screen and we just had to try it.  Free from all things nasty, it relies on the non-nano zinc oxide as it’s active ingredient, so you know it’s much safer then anything you pick up at the drug store on the way to the beach.  Love the non greasy feel and that it says it can be used around the eyes.  We tried it out at the beach last weekend and we’re hooked.  Can we be a little shallow and admit we love the posh look too?  We’re a sucker for anything packaged in a small, easy to carry silver bottle.  Fancy look, safe sun protection, and peace of mind all packed into a  stylish container…time to toss the rest of the sun creams out.