Best Rainy Day Activity Books

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The weather can sure turn a mommy’s day upside down.  Rain and snow can turn a sunny playdate into a whiny session of “I’m bored mommy…what are we gonna do today?”  We’ve been avoiding this scenario by keeping a big box filled with rainy day fun activities and fun.  With all the terrible weather this month we’ve been cruising through our two favorite new additions to the box from our fabulous friends at Chronicle Books.  The first, Alphabeasties, contains pages of mazes, word searches, puzzles and coloring.  Lots of letter stickers too.  It’s a modern approach to learning the alphabet, and kept both mommy and kids busy for hours of rainfall.  We all learning something too. Our other favorite activity book comes from that uber clever children writer Taro Gomi…yes the author of the best potty training book, Everybody Poops (love tat book…funny and it worked).  Gomi’s activity book is called Play All Day and is chocked full of  animal punch outs, a ring toss game, picture frames, and animals.  Love the finger puppets he included too.  Clever and intelligent way to pass the time with the kids.Or…it can keep them busy so you can have that much needed latte and put your tired feet up.