Little Shoes Made For Big Adventures

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When shopping for shoes we always have to keep in mind what type of fun we’ll be having when we’re wearing them…jumping in mud puddles, walking on the beach…camping with the family…even shopping with mommy.  The new Adventure line from Celeb Baby Clothes fave Pediped fits all our criteria for perfect summer shoes.  We went for their Amazon in a bright shade of purple. Same flexibility as all their other comfy shoes and this line uses eco friendly materials too. Pediped’s claim that they are water safe, ready for mud stains and beach fun is totally true, as we tested them out on the sands and theme parks of Florida.  Our tot’s Amazons got tossed in the washer more often than we wanted, but came out fine each time…looking good as new we might add.  We definitely put these Adventure shoes to the test.