Sleepers We Swear By

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As busy moms, we have zero time or patience for shopping.   When we get a free minute, the thought of a mall or super sized department store makes us beyond cranky…so now we shop online for wardrobe staples and necessities for the kids.  It can become a bit of a problem when our favorite companies send sale and coupon codes to our email account…but there are worse problems to have.  With our little one growing like a weed we needed a few new footed sleepers from The Childrens Place this week.  They were having a sale and we sat down with a hot cuppa at nap time and shopped in our slippers. They honestly make the best zippered sleepers out there.  After three babies we think we know a thing or two about baby sleepers and TCP sleepers are our fave.  Love that they get softer with each wash and that they last…our baby wears hers passed down from her school aged sister.  They retain their color well, and who doesn’t love a zipper for a 3am diaper change?  Buttons and snaps are for the birds….they break, malfunction and will drive even the sanest parent crazy.  Sure the patterns aren’t the most original, but the quality and the price are perfect…at least we think so.  They’re even our go to gift for new mommies.