Give Them The World This Christmas

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Wall decals have come a long way since our first baby. A long, long way. We just received the World Map fabric wall decal from Raincoast Books By Petit Collage.  Based on patterns from their vintage wallpaper collection, they have taken the world and made just about the coolest fabric wall decal we’ve ever seen. The colors are vibrant, and the animals take center stage…the details will appeal to both children and even the most style conscience parent. Made of biodegradable fabric, it was super easy to apply and tons of fun to do so with the little man of the house. His favorite part?  Choosing where he thought each school of fish should go. Even though we chose his bedroom to display the map, it could really easily fit into many other rooms of the house. With it’s classy vintage vibe and easy to peel off an put on pieces, you can change your mind and move it to wherever you see fit. Versatile, a learning tool and stylish…we feel so lucky to own it.  We think it would be the perfect gift to “sneak” onto the wall Christmas Eve…so they can really see how far Santa goes that night.