About Celebrity Baby Clothes

I’m a mom of three little ones who loves to discover new and fabulous baby products .  Tired of seeing the same old stuff offered to us moms, I turned to what I knew best.  Knowing far too much than any person should about celebrities and what they wear and what they do, I took that knowledge and used it to search for clothes and gear that they use for their pampered tots.  I also try and promote as many “mom made” products as well….as long as it passes the test.  Organic and green gear gets our attention and love too…gotta support Mamma Earth.   When able, I mention which celeb mommy and baby uses the product.  Occasionally, a little gossip and cheekiness is thrown in.  Fabulous and luxurious baby gear doesn’t make you a better mom, but it sure can brighten your day.

If you have a yummy mummy or baby product that has been worn or used by a celeb mommy (or daddy) please let us know about it.  If you have a product that’s celeb worthy, then please let us know about that too.  We welcome inquiries from advertisers as well.    Products that are submitted for review can not be returned and become the property of Celebrity Baby Clothes.  We want our reviews to be of products we have used, so that we can back our suggestions 100%.  Any comments or suggestions are also always welcome.

CONTACT: celebritybabyclothes@gmail.com

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