Decorate The Nursery With Ease

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Why do we all fuss and stress over the simple things in life?  Decorating a baby’s room is a snap compared to all the other stuff you’ll soon be doing  (like breastfeeding, soothing and raising that new little bundle).  So we propose you leave all the stress out of decorating and let us introduce you to our new “go to” place for kid’s room decor, Wall Candy Arts.  They make the most addictive wall decals that add instant pizazz to any room in your house.  The decals stick on really easy and remove without ruining your walls.  No more painting different shades and themes each year as your child grows…all you have to do is switch up your decals according to Jr’s taste.  Our favorite?  Hands down has to be the Season’s Tree Wall Art.  It was featured on the Today Show and comes with birds, flowers and butterflies so you can switch it up as the seasons change if you like…or leave it summer all year round.  Another must have in our stylish opinion is the Rococo Chalkboard Wall Sticker.  Super swish and posh looking, it adds instant drama to any little girls room.  You can leave little notes for your tot like we do, or practice the ABC’s.  Either way, this chalkboard is impressive.  Think we’re the only ones who love a little Wall Candy?  Nope.  We’re in the hip company of Katie Holmes, Courteney Cox and Jessica Alba.  Stylish minds think alike.